kids classes

For many years Karate has been used as an instrument to develop the mind, body and character of youths and adolescences.  

At VALOUR karate academy we proudly carry on this tradition, spreading the old-school values of courtesy, respect and discipline, alongside a well-tested and comprehensive self-defence practice.

Children/ Youth programs;
Kinder Karate (4-5 years)
Preparatory karate class for the really young martial arts enthusiast, designed to make their bodies and minds strong for future training. This class is perfect for preschool aged children getting ready to start school.
Ninja Club (6-9 years)
“Super serious” karate club for future power rangers where we “play” with the fundamental concepts of karate. Kids learn the simplest forms of self defence, while building focus/discipline and developing strength, co-ordination and flexibility.
kids karate  (9-16 years)
Bringing together like minded kids and young adults to join in and share our art and its unique cultural practices. Our classes and curriculum offer students a chance to practice a true self defence art and gain all of the physical fitness and social and emotional benefits associated with training to overcome weaknesses.

There is no sport more beneficial to a child’s overall health and well-being than karate!
Not only does Karate improve strength, coordination and overall fitness, it also provides social, emotional and mental benefits to its students; improved confidence and self-awareness, increased social skills, decreased stress, anxiety and anger, greater maturity,better focus and discipline, greater coping skills and the list is endless. Most importantly, Karate offers the most completeself-defence system and could save your child’s life!

The traditions and practices Karate follows, many based on Japanese culture (refinement honour and respectfulness) are responsible for the development of greater discipline, confidence and moral values. Karate is an art form, meaning that it is philosophy not a fighting style. Its primary purpose is to develop character.

So how is Karate different to other martial arts?

Karate begins where other martial arts end.

Karate is the ONLY martial art evolved with the purpose of self-defence. It was not developed with the intent of competition and therefore, does not possess the many restrictions rule-based, competitive fighting sports contain.

While striking styles like boxing and taekwondo are limited to standing, and grappling arts such as BJJ and wrestling have absolutely no practice in long range exchanges, karate is effective in all areas of fighting, with practices in punching, kicking, throwing and grappling. Karate has no limitations, where almost all other martial arts fail to prepare outside of rules.

Being that a child is already at a disadvantage being smaller and weaker than a likely attacker, it is ludicrous to restrict them further by forcing them to train within a set of rules only effective in a fair match, within a ring and overseen by a referee.

This is where Karate proves to be the best self-defence art for children!

Kids Classes

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