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VALOUR offers many great options for adults interested in learning how to fight, or defend themselves. Martial arts is not just for kids, and it is never too late to start! All you need is a willingness to learn and a positive attitude.  

Adults classes include:


Defensive Tactics

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)


Our Classes
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Defensive Tactics

Learn simplistic, effective self-defence for surviving violent street encounters. Understand the common behaviours and patterns of aggressors and train to outsmart or disable any attacker.

Through the use of scenario based drilling, live training (with varied resistance) and physical conditioning and situational inoculation, our program provides a realistic approach to personal protection.

Defensive tactics will get you in great shape and give you the ability to walk tall, knowing you can defend yourself and your loved ones.


Turn your whole body into a weapon with fast and powerful striking using the fists, feet, elbows and knees.

Kickboxing is an excellent cardio/fitness workout, powerful form of stress release (because who doesn’t like punching things!) and also great practice for self-defence; learning punching, blocking, counter attacking, distancing, timing, speed, flexibility and agility.

Train focus mitts, heavy bags, sparring and Thai pads to get in phenomenal fighting shape. This class is great for all ages and fitness levels.

martial arts adults
Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

As seen in the UFC, MMA is a mix of several disciplines (including kickboxing, karate, judo, wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu) combined to create a ‘complete’ fighting system.

This class includes training in striking, wrestling, grappling and conditioning, with the goal of developing the fitness, strength and skill to compete in Mixed Martial Arts competition.

Ideal for those seeking the thrill of competition or for the serious UFC fan as a fun alternative to the gym.


Traditionally used as a vehicle to turn boys into men, Karate’s rigorous physical practices develop the mind, body and spirit. Learn our arts fundamental postures and movement patterns to strengthen the muscles, bones and tendons for surviving life threatening situations.

Practice traditional solo and two person re-enactments of encounters, that teach defence and attacks to the bodies weak and vital areas, alongside specialised drilling and sparring to allow functional spontaneity inside of a self-defence scenario.

Share in a unique cultural phenomenon and gain not just physical fitness and the knowledge and skills to defend yourself but also a greater sense of empowerment and self-knowledge.



A great martial artist will take every opportunity to train and learn, so we would encourage every student to train in all of the classes on offer. Each class offers a different perspective due to the different purposes behind their practice. Learning to fight within every scenario will provide you with endless tools to use in a myriad of combat situations.

In saying this, if your interest lays only in learning how to be a competitive fighter we encourage you to try our Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts programs. If self-defence is your goal, then Defensive Tactics and our traditional Karate classes will provide you with the best self-defence found anywhere on the Tweed coast.


We believe that training should be hard, but it should never be unsafe. Injury can cut your progress and training life drastically and can affect your quality of life. Valour has a very low injury rate because we place importance on the safety of our students. We ensure all of our classes; include a thorough warm up, focus on teaching correct technique, use proper protective gear, and teach and practice control.


Martial arts training (when done right) will get you into excellent shape, and provide you with a far more balanced physic than any other fitness activity or sport. It works every muscle in your body, requires you to build flexibility and strength, balance and power also rhythm and timing! Martial arts training also teaches you to work at your highest capacity (give 110%) and ask more of your body than going for a run, lifting weights and attending a yoga class combined!!!  But that’s not the real beauty, the real beauty is that all of that is only a by-product of learning a life enriching skill and making tonnes of new friends.

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