About Us

At our academy we focus on developing the traditional values (hard work, honour, respect) and real practical skills that martial arts was designed for.


OUR CLASSES are based on the fundamentals of traditional Okinawan Karate, combining time-honoured teachings with some modern day practices, borrowed from fighting arts like boxing, judo, kickboxing and brazilian jiu jitsu.

Although we follow the cultural practices of Karate (essential for developing character and moral values), our focus is not on upholding tradition but on providing practical skills that work! All of our lessons are purpose driven and focus on the most simple and direct path to effective self-defence. Plus, our passion for the martial arts and care for technical detail ensures every student gets the most from their training.

So what about competition I hear you say??

Yes, our modern day society is very much driven by competition (we ourselves love a good sport). This is the reason why martial arts has taken a back seat to many sporting activities like soccer and football. Fortunately, the martial arts industry has responded to this and there are now many different options available for those needing the extra motivation of competition. This can be found in the form of tournaments ranging from karate point fighting, submission grappling, kickboxing, boxing and even MMA.

We offer opportunities for our students to compete if they desire to do so, however, where we differ from most other schools is in the focus of our teaching. What we teach is self-defence, not sport fighting. The practice of self-defence provides solid fundamentals that transfer well into any fighting scenario. This is not the case when learning to fight only for sport. There is a vast difference in skill and mindset between sport martial arts and self-defence. This is because of the purpose behind the practice. We place importance on educating our students on the most efficient ways to get out of trouble and not on the best ways to score points. For the student, this means that what you are getting is practical self-defence skills and not a false sense of security and inflated confidence.

“No matter how talented you are, your talent will fail you, if you are not skilled. Skill is achieved through practice. Work hard and dedicate yourself to being better every single day.”

What is Karate-do?

(kara- empty/ te- hand/ do-way)

Originating in Okinawa, karate practices gained popularity as a powerful form of self-defence, a rite of passage/character building tradition for youths and a popular form of capture and control with-in law enforcement.

Karate has evolved over the years to be a sport, a pass time and a culture contained within an art.

A combination of te (a striking art sharing ancestry with muay thai), kung fu and okinawan folk wrestling, traditionally karate’s practices included; strikes with the hand, fist, foot, elbow and knee, grappling, joint locks and throws.

For us karate is a way of life, its’ practices bring a meaningfulness and a sense of balance to the chaos that is modern life. Karate gives us a form of active meditation and an outlet for not only our aggressive, but also our creative energies.

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Karate is perfect for teaching young children and influential teens the hard life lessons. Karate provides not only physical activity, but also massive emotional and social benefits for kids, making it the ultimate kids sporting choice. Through the regimented cultural traditions, and the rigours of training, karate teaches:

  • Hard work and resilience
  • Discipline and focus
  • Self-awareness and self-confidence
  • Respect
  • Team work and social skills
  • Self-defence
  • Control, coordination, flexibility and balance
  • Emotional maturity
  • Patience and calmness
  • Setting and achieving goals

Karate is an excellent source of physical fitness and provides the challenge and excitement that drives us to excel and achieve (something that is often lacking in adult exercise programs). Often a misunderstood art, Karate is much more than white uniforms and punching air; it is widely known as the most effective self-defence art and provides endless benefits to its adult students, including:

  • Stress release
  • Strength and fitness
  • Self-confidence
  • Cultural experience
  • Flexibility, balance and control
  • Better understanding of the body
  • Empowerment
  • Self-discipline
  • Friendships
  • Enhanced muscle tone
  • Mental stimulation
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“There are no secrets to success – just hard work”