Martial arts is the cure for boredom,

anxiety, depression, hyperactivity and laziness!



Traditional martial arts became synonymous with turning boys into men. Because it works! Training in martial arts teaches how to set and achieve goals, it develops a sharp mind and strong body, builds confidence and character.

 Combining the rigours of physical training with eastern philosophies and traditions enforce a calm demeanour and balanced moral centre.

At Valour Karate we have classes for kids, teens and adults designed to build the mind, body and spirit.


kids karate 

Karate is THE BEST SPORT FOR KIDS on the planet!

No other kids sport gives kids the mental and physical benefits that karate training provides.

The rigorous physical practice, eastern culture and philosophy in karate training pushes kids to grow in strength, discipline and confidence.

Our karate programs range from 4-16yrs old, with specialised, age specific curriculum and ages grouped together to match learning potential and physical strengths.

We are very proud of the quality martial artists our karate programs produce, our unique teaching style and passion for the art gives kids the real experience when it comes to learning and training in martial arts.




Martial arts for adults 

Our martial arts program for teens and adults is Jujutsu (more commonly spelled jiu jitsu) meaning literally the gentle art.

Jujutsu teaches its practitioners to overcome weaknesses through superior leverage, technique and strategy. 

Our Jujutsu program stays true to the roots of martial arts (and unlike our Brazilian counterparts) we practice all areas of unarmed fighting/ self defence;

  • Striking,
  • clinching,
  • wrestling,
  • throws and takedowns,
  • grappling and ground control,
  • chokes and joint locks 

Learning Jujutsu will change your life, get you fit, give you confidence and improve your state of mind.




I can’t speak any higher of Valour. Sensei Ian has made my child come leaps and bounds with his focus, confidence and discipline. We have been coming to Valour for 18 months and my child has become stronger, more confident and driven. He looks forward to attending, he is proud of his progression and focused on his ability and strength. We love Sensei Ian, he is firm, fair and fun with a wealth of understanding with martial arts. He is my child’s role model and is a great role model to have. My child’s behaviour both at home and school has improved since coming to Valour. We can’t thank Ian and Gemma enough for their patience, commitment and education they have provided my child.

Louise Lee

Child – Max (6)

Being a mother of two very different boys, it was difficult for me to find an activity that was suitable for them both. Fast forward 7 months and my boys, in their own ways, are more disciplined and respectful towards their peers. They are motivated, challenged and inspired to achieve. Signing them up for karate is a decision I will never regret. Thank you Sensei and Gemma for your commitment to our boys.

Christine Wu-Lopez

Children – Izzy (7) and Mani (9)

My Son has trained with Sensei Ian for the last 2.5 years and has absolutely loved it. The team have always been so wonderful and caring. Great to have a sport that is available all seasons.

Adam Taylor

Child – Reef (6)

Perfect place for kids to learn not just martial arts but self-esteem and respect.

Amanda Johnson

Children – Kaitlyn (7 years)

Our whole family trains here and we love it. The atmosphere at the dojo is awesome and the staff are really passionate about what they do.

Andrew Davey

My 2 girls absolutely love doing karate here. Their confidence has increased as has their fitness and focus. Great for kids of all ages.

Siobhan Thomson

Children – Ivy (6) and Asha (9)

Started training here a few months ago. The dojo is very well sized with plenty of room and equipment for all training activities.

The place is very clean, the people are friendly and good to work along side.

The coach/instructor ‘Ian’ is very skilled and has a keen interest in seeing participants improve, shown by his focus on attention to detail.

Daniel Petrie